A page with an arrow popping out of it shows the victory church, and the arrow points to a new page, Awakening Church. The image text heading reads Change is good, let us re-introduce ourselves, and explains why the church has changed its name and moved their website



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Since launching The Victory Church in 2010 we knew that our name never fully encompassed what we do and why we do it. We wondered "What name would fully communicate who The Victory Church has grown to become?" AWAKENING

AWAKENING to the idea that church can simply be moments that God visit us and we leave changed. So, we designed a new church format that awakens the lost to love, the hungry to His presence, the weary to His glory and the broken to His healing. We make this happen by creating an atmosphere for people to experience a personal AWAKENING in the presence and power of God.

We are owning who we are. We are an AWAKENING.